Do you feel the stress?

In my opinion, being an American is incredibly stressful.  Do you agree?

Let’s look at the numbers.

The chances are if you’re reading this blog, you are unemployed, in poverty or without health care.

If you’re reading this and you aren’t unemployed, in poverty or lacking health care, I can assume you have a job which pays well, has benefits & gives you a little satisfaction.

You’re probably part of the 52% of Americans who dislike their job, according to Gallop.

If you do have a job, you probably hate your boss because s/he is possibly the devil.  Similar to the movie, The Devil Wears Prada except you can’t get up and leave after 109 minutes.  You’re stuck there for 8 hours burning in HE-double hockey sticks.

Devil Boss

Well there is a solution for what ills you.

  1. Go to college
  2. Change jobs
  3. Start your own company

We have options to find happiness as Americans. We can cut stress out of our lives.  It sounds hard to do with the numbers staring us in the face but it’s not impossible.

It takes us focusing on what life means to us and how we can change our surroundings.  Not simply by going into the rat-race of corporate life but sincerely living for happiness.

Don’t simply look at your career or job as a means to a random end (money).  See your career as the means to your determined end (impact).  Money doesn’t buy happiness once you’re over $75,000

If you need a little more convincing, watch a speech from the CEO of the decade Steve Jobs.  You’ll be convinced by the end.  Don’t feel the stress, feel the drive to create your own world.

Be here for a good time, not a long time!

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