The Killer Interview Setup in 3 Simple Steps

Preparation is a huge portion of an interview.  It’s like an iceberg, 90% of it is hidden under the surface. Preparing perfectly can still be broken down into manageable and meaningful segments in which anyone can master.  If, at the last second, you don’t take the proper steps then it might be impossible to attain success in your interview…

But there are things you can do to ensure your are setting yourself up for success!

Mock interviews, dressing appropriately & respecting the time of the interviewer will get you in the office and comfortable so you can keep your mind on the important issues.

Mock interviews

Mock interviews are essential.  To prepare use any number of our techniques. Engage in a mock interview with a friend or colleague, interview yourself with a list of questions and a tape recorder, or even watch other mock interviews on online.

Here’s a quick list of tips:

  1. Learn the time length of the interview and mock interview for that length.
  2. Find out the name’s of your interviewers and practice them.
  3. Search for you interviewers on before to find common interests.

Interview Dress

Dressing for the interview is also essential.  Not thinking about what you’re wearing is the best way to interview.  It’s obviously important what you wear but it should never distract you in the interview.  Any distraction can make you feel uncomfortable and may hinder you from being the best representation of yourself.

Here’s a quick list of tips:

  1. Make sure you won’t be too warm or too cold.  Sweating or shivering, you won’t be comfortable.
  2. Be simple with style.  Darker & neutral colors with simple patterns.  Make it a non-issue for you.
  3. Wear light perfume or cologne but definitely don’t skip it.  It can help get you mentally prepared.

1 Hour Before the Interview

Right before the interview it’s important to be ready.  Taking care of last second prep isn’t just remembering answers to all the questions.  It’s about being human too.  So right before you go to the interview think about your basic needs and what you need to do to be comfortable in the interview.

  1. Eat a small snack and hour before the interview.  If it’s a long interview (4 hours +) eat 2 hours before.
  2. (On your way to the interview chew gum to freshen your breath) Spit it out before you start the interview.
  3. Use time to your advantage.  When you get behind in time, you’re likely not to be comfortable in the interview

In the Interview

In the interview it’s a little trickier.  It’s all about you.  It will probably start with,

“So, tell me a little about yourself.”

To answer this question today click…

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