Do You Know What Employers Are Thinking? They Have Priorities Too…

Times are tough for a lot of employers nowadays… What does it mean for job seekers when companies are running “lean and mean” and stretching their dollars?

The September 13, 2010 edition of Businessweek magazine (p. 54) contains some research performed by the Boston Consulting Group, World Federation of People Management Associations. Their goal was to survey 5,500+ HR professionals and then summarize how companies are trying best to manage people.

Sometimes, to be hired, it is helpful to think like an employer.
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Here is an overview of a few things this research says about how companies will try to manage people in the near future:

  • Improve the quality of company leaders
  • Keep, engage and develop talented employees
  • Measure and reward performance better
  • Worry less about employee’s work-life balance
  • Reduce company costs:
    => less overtime
    => reduce compensation
    => more part time and temporary workers

Additionally, the research says that there will be major talent shortages in the U.S. in the next decade. So, the time is now to plan for transitioning into a career that will be rewarding and in demand. LINK: Interested in Green Jobs?

Question: What needs would you help an employer fill?
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Whether I agree with all these things or not, I see how they impact a company’s bottom line. Seeing things like an employer is a powerful job hunting activity. Ultimately, as employees, our job is to make our presence worthwhile and beneficial for the employer. Right?

How to tell if your potential boss is the lord of the underworld

Understand Yourself

If you are a results-based person who thrives on being valuable, and if you can communicate this during an interview, then you have a leg up on the competition.

If you are a reliable worker who is willing to work part-time, temporary, or take less compensation, then you are also more competitive.

No matter what, knowing as much as possible about the company before you apply can only help you thrive when the interview happens.

How to research a company?

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