How is Your Checklist?

On your way out of the house, are there a few things you always do?

Grab the Keys? And Cell Phone? Turn off the Coffee Maker? Tell your family and pets you love them? Lock the Door?

These steps we follow are “checklists”.

Whether we write them down or keep them in our head, we all use checklists to make sure nothing important is missed. With something as important as job transition, a checklist can be especially useful. What is a “Job Recovery Checklist”?

Checklists make sure things get done, which provides Peace of Mind.

A Job Recovery Checklist can help people in Job Transition to have peace of mind that they are taking strong steps in the right direction. A good job recovery checklist will help make sure a job seeker is doing all and the best he or she can.

Are you or is someone you know in Job Transition? Is there a Job Recovery Checklist?

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