After the Vote

These past elections have put many new faces into our government offices. We’d like to thank everyone who also voted in our “I Lost My Job, Not My Vote” polls.

LINK: The polls are still open, in case you want to check them out

NOW, the *real work* begins for our elected officials. It is easier to make promises than to keep them.

As a reminder to all our elected and government officials, here are the results of our polls, as of today. The struggles for people in job transition are FAR from over, but as long as progress is being made and people are listening to each other, there is hope. And hope is inspirational!


LINK: Unemployment & Financial / Legal Matters


LINK: What Should a Person Do About Job Loss?


LINK: Speak Your Mind – How Would You Create Jobs?


LINK: Thought About Volunteering?


LINK: Do You Have a Checklist?

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