Staying Motivated

Job Transition? Choices!The hardest part of a job transition could be the challenge of remaining positive throughout the process. We are often surrounded by negative news, and the pressure of keeping focus and energized lies completely on ourselves (with the help sometimes of those around us).

LINK: Tips for Staying Motivated During Job Transition

Not only are hiring managers and screeners are trained to detect negativity from job applicants, but also it is possible that negativity or desperation can be seen in how we write and communicate. When it comes time to have that critical interview or phone call, or when we meet someone important in our networking or social lives, it’s important to be on our game or opportunity could be lost.

Some Thoughts for Self-Motivation:

1. Job transition is a time of change, and change can be for the better.
2. Think of things you like to do, work that you have enjoyed, and pursue that.
3. Use this opportunity to reach out in a new direction, learn something new.
4. Get some exercise! Take a walk! Remember a hobby! (I just picked up my guitar again after a whole year!)

Do you have a tip for self-motivation? We’d love to hear about it and share it with our visitors!

Thank you and best wishes. staff


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