Women – Your Job Search and Social Networking

By:  The Interview Coach, http://www.interviewcoach.com

It appears, from studies conducted over the past few years that women are more actively involved in using Social Media Networking then men. They have more Facebook and Twitter pages, and they are blogging away!

Not a big surprise – women have been “natural-born-networkers” since the beginning of time and when social media became available it was an opportunity to connect – not only in the local community but to reach out to a global network of women (and men, of course).

With women running 70% of home-based businesses out of the 34.3 million home offices in the U.S. that is talking about a lot of outreach and power. So, it may have been the men who started social media networking, but it is the women who are using it to their fullest advantage. In this tough job market it is necessary for everyone to use the same types of resources and networking to find employment as they have always done – only this time the reach is expanded by social media networking.

The majority of all jobs (70-80%) are found through “networking.” So women (and men) must revert to the best ways to get a job in 2011 and that is to get out there and network, network, network. This means spending a certain amount of time on Facebook, Linked-in, or Twitter – every day. But, it is a mistake to rely solely on social media to find a job. The problem is that recruiting and finding jobs through social media is still in the early stages of development.

Supplement your search by attending as many live events as possible. Connecting in-person is still the most effective way to connect with other people. And connecting with people is still the #1 means of getting a job.

Where? Everywhere – meetings, classes, job fairs, open houses, social events, association meetings; anywhere that people gather. There are a million success stories from these types of events. Your story could be the next one.

Who should you network with? Find old friends and colleagues through social media networking, but don’t exclude the people around you – family, friends, neighbors, ex-bosses, former co-workers, vendors you worked with in your last jobs, competitors of your last job — anyone and everyone.

This is about numbers – get out there and get contacting. Get the word out that you are searching for leads for job openings. Do NOT ask for a job – ask for leads. The following rules apply whether you are networking online, on the phone, or in-person.

1. Always be gracious and professional. Never be tenacious or pushy.

2. Ask for LEADS and referrals. Ask permission to use a person’s name.

3. NO resumes allowed while networking. Offer to send it if asked.

4. Do your research and be prepared.

5. Listen, listen, listen. You are asking for information – let them give it to you.

6. Ask Intelligent questions. Show an interest.

7. ALWAYS follow up – and thank the person for the information or advice.

When you do get an opportunity to connect with a person, either through your social media connections or through a personal or business contact, it is very important that you be prepared to speak intelligently about what you are looking for and what you have to offer. If someone gives you a lead, you should be able to make a call and introduce yourself. If the person who has given you the lead has agreed to let you use his or her name, begin the conversation by explaining how you happen to have the lead’s information. This can be a great way to break the ice.

It’s a good idea to script and rehearse – not memorize – what you are going to say when you do follow up. If you feel unsure of what to say, get feedback from someone who can be honest and helpful.

If you’re posting resumes on the Internet and are just waiting for something to happen you are making a big mistake –that is the passive way to search for a job and in today’s competitive job market you are hoping against the odds of getting noticed. Get out there and network today – through social media networking or social connections. If you are able to use traditional and new media networking for your job search you will at least double your chances of succeeding!

The Interview Coach, Carole Martin, is a celebrated author, job coach, and speaker on the subject of interviewing and recruiting. Contributing writer at Monster.com and featured on talk radio. Carole is using her proven methods for coaching job seekers on competitive interviewing skills in technical and non-technical industries. http://www.interviewcoach.com

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  1. the following is a letter i wrote to starbucks after realizing, through a seldom-seen all-man staff, that the vast majority of their coffee-shops are sexist to have starbucks represented by all-female staffs

    today, march 3rd, i was driving north from pittsburgh and i got off of the highway to stop at the gas station right off of the wexford exit of i-79. after i got gas, i realized that there was a starbucks coffee shop not 200 feet away from me. i was returning from the pittsburgh rivers casino, where i had taken out $100 and was betting small bets on various slot machines – i had gotten up to $190 early-on…but eventually went down to $0. i hate to admit that i would’ve taken another $100 from the atm…i am happy that i got a “non-sufficient funds” message when i tried to withdraw from my spending account at bank of america. tlc said “don’t go chasing waterfalls,” and djt says “don’t go chasing losses”. though djt always chases losses. it’s so much easier than chasing the perfect specimen of manhood who has no interest in being associated with me (though it’s much more costly).

    anyway, i must say that i had thought of coffee shops (especially starbucks) as being full of politically-correct (liberal) bs – how surprised i was to see that the three coffee-clerks working at starbucks were all men. i, for one, am getting sick and tired of all of the overcompensations that society gives to the lesser gender in an effort to make them appear as man’s equal – overcompensations ranging from lesser military requirements to gender-based sports teams to high-heeled shoes to shoulderpads. wherever i go, i see females wanting to be seen as man’s equal…when these very overcompensations just label them as a bunch of masculine wannabees.

    again, it has made my day that this starbucks is the first business i have seen in a while with a staff of all men. i’m not saying that i haven’t seen a staff made up entirely of the lesser gender at starbucks stores, but it was definitely a mark of diversity to see an all-man staff in a society where all-female staffs are commonplace.

    i was actually wearing a t-shirt that i had designed online, which highlighted the “lesser” aspect of the lesser gender (two stick figures, one blue and one red, with arrows to signify broadening shoulders versus widening hips…with a bigger barbell next to the blue stick- figure…with the words “bodyheight, bodyweight, bodystrength” above and “all this AND a superior sex drive” below. it was a t-shirt advertising one of my websites (www.thelessergender.com), and it was kind of ironic that members of the lesser gender were nowhere to be found working at starbucks today. i must admit that if staffs consisting entirely of females were nowhere to be found (including at starbucks stores) then i don’t think i’d have reason to mock females with my shirts and my websites. however, all-wombn staffs are seen a lot more than all-man staffs, and it is for this reason that i must commend the starbucks corporation for not always contributing to the attitudes of female chauvinism which are omnipresent in today’s society. we are a society of chauvinists wanting to placate the lesser gender with over-representations in the workforce and even in the military (which actually compromises our national security like competitors in the “special olympics” would compromise the u..s. olympic team if a quota existed for “equal representation” of the lesser olympians). i remember as a little boy, hearing dolly parton or jane fonda or lily tomlin call dabney coleman a “male chauvinist pig,” and though the words “female chauvinist pig” may be unheard of…this is what members of society have become as a result of the placation given to the lesser gender (ie, gender-based quotas in everything from college admissions to a town’s police force).

    i must commend starbucks for not contributing to the over-representation of the lesser gender, which seems to exist as a means to further the politically-correct notion of gender-equality…even as competitions are gender-based and therefore prevent the little gender from competing against the strong gender. from military requirements to college sports teams to poker nights at casinos…heck, even to the olympics…it’s an accepted fact that one gender would serve as a “handicap” while competing alongside of another gender, and yet society is buying into the “anything a man can do” propaganda of feminism.

    completely unrelated to my experience at starbucks today, i must mention the fact that i just want to crash into any car in front of me if there doesn’t appear to be anyone sitting in the driver’s seat (while there is someone clearly visible in the passenger’s seat because the passenger is big enough to tower over the top of the seat). i don’t want to know the kind of values which are going to be instilled in a child who has grown up regarding a member of the milk-spouting, egg-bleeding, shorter, weaker, insufficient, lesser gender as “leader” or “head of the family”. this propaganda of “female superiority” is a placebo given to members of the lesser gender as a means to provide them with some unwarranted sense of esteem as a method of psychologically overcoming their inferior states of physical being though means of mental delusion. this propaganda, however, will not provide an adequate level of defense against a slanty-eyed nation which harbors aspirations of world-domination and (therefore) practices infanticide of the gender which can do nothing more than fight like a girl.

    i feel that if more stores (and coffee-shops) would take a cue from starbucks and quit having their professional identities represented by a bunch of milk-spouters and egg-bleeders, then the u.s.a would be properly equipped to regain their #1 status. i say this because society would not be exposed to politically-correct preservations of weakness-masking “pride,” as they’d be exposed to reality and truths suggesting that 1) a woman simply cannot do anything a man can do (and has no business thinking that she can) – and 2) any male who is dumbfoundedly curious of masculinity has no sense of masculine gender-identity and therefore cannot be considered a man. the problem with america is compassion. there are too many people who feel it is noble to overlook someone’s dysfunctional state of mind through praise and encouragement of it. this is wrong and this is why the u.s.a. is going downhill. everyone is too afraid of being labeled a bigot, so nobody dares to say that gender-changing surgeons should be replaced by mind-changing psychologists. nobody dares to take issue with mexicans in america, nobody dares to take issue with labeling as “strong” anyone who can’t budge a 100-pound barbell. nobody dares to take issue with “men” who stare open-mouthed and wide-eyed at naked members of their own gender (and who therefore deny a realization of masculine esteem).

    wrapping up, i will compliment starbucks for being the corporation responsible for the first all-man staff i have seen in a society filled with all-female staffs. there is nothing “greater” about a gender that’s largely responsible for shorter people, lighter people, weaker people, and defenseless people who have been given a “violence against us” act as a means of protection. there should be nothing and nobody trying to justify the lesser gender as “greater,” either through over-representation in the workplace or in the military or in positions of authority. sometimes even gay “men” want to start to Risk Affirming Patriarchal Endeavors, just to teach these wannabees a lesson.

    mr. dylan terreri, i
    dr. sheldon cooper, ii
    “When I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it.” – Madonna

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