Warning! The Telephone Job Interview can be a Trap!

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Warning! The Telephone Job Interview can be a Trap!

Great news! All your job search activities have paid off and you’ve landed a telephone interview with a prospective employer. This is an opportunity, correct? Well, yes and no. You have made it all the way to “round one,” and that’s certainly something positive, something to celebrate. But wait! You still have to go into “round two,” either a subsequent phone interview, or it is hoped, the all-important “face-to-face” interview, which, of course, is the only goal you should have for the outcome of a phone interview.

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Economic survival and professional success make the job interview is the most important meeting you ever attend. You need interviews to get job offers, and you need to outperform the competition to win the job offer.

The BIG problem is that no one showed you how to ace a job interview but it is a skill you will need time and again over the years. For twenty-five years Martin Yate has been the world’s interview magician, teaching millions how to turn interviews into offers.

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