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Webinar Monday April 23rd How to Turn Interviews Into Offers with Martin Yate – This is part 4 of a 4 part series.

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Monday April 23rd 12pm CST

Economic survival and professional success make the job interview is the most important meeting you ever attend. You need interviews to get job offers, and you need to outperform the competition to win the job offer.

The BIG problem is that no one showed you how to ace a job interview but it is a skill you will need time and again over the years. For twenty-five years Martin Yate has been the world’s interview magician, teaching millions how to turn interviews into offers.

 Martin Yate, NY Times bestseller of the world-famous Knock em Dead career books, will show you how to turn Interviews into Offers.

Tuesday April 24th 11:30am CST – Re-THINK Your Job Search for 2012

Starting with a great question:  What Can I Achieve in 2012?

Are you committed to “REACHING FOR EXCELLENCE” and POWERFULLY approaching 2012?

This webinar will be LIFE CHANGING AND EMPOWERING, offering you an opportunity to have huge breakthroughs in your thinking.

It will be 90 minutes filled will BRILLIANT insights that will support you to shift your mindset wherever you may have experienced being limited in the past!

This will be A WORLD CLASS presentation; I am committed that you do something positive for yourself…because YOU MATTER!

Thursday April 26th 1:00pm CST – Creating a Powerful Foundation and Plan for Your Job Search

How to Create a Blueprint for Your Job Search

Being on a job search can sometimes seem like an endurance contest. For many people it seems too hard right from the beginning and they stop taking actions necessary to forge ahead on their search.  Others last a little longer and they too mentally give up. Frustrated and doubting that they’ll ever get another job.

I know a lot about overcoming obstacles, breaking through uncertainty, accelerating performance and claiming your own success. And I know one thing for sure; life will not go according to plan if you do not have a plan.

To Register for any of the Upcoming Webinars – Click Here

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