New This Week at (5/21/2012-5/25/2012)

Upcoming Webinar Schedule for this Week at

How to Turn Interviews into Offers
Part 4 of a 4 part series

Re-Broadcast will start at 12pm Central
10am Pacific / 11am Mountain / 1pm Eastern

Schedule Note: Each Monday in May, we are re-broadcasting the best workshop recordings from the series for 48 hours. We will resume the LIVE workshops in June. Save Your June Webinar Spot Now

Tuesday May 22nd 11:30am CST – Creating a Powerful Foundation and Plan for Your Job Search

How to Create a Blueprint for Your Job Search

Being on a job search can sometimes seem like an endurance contest. For many people it seems too hard right from the beginning and they stop taking actions necessary to forge ahead on their search.  Others last a little longer and they too mentally give up. Frustrated and doubting that they’ll ever get another job.

I know a lot about overcoming obstacles, breaking through uncertainty, accelerating performance and claiming your own success. And I know one thing for sure; life will not go according to plan if you do not have a plan.

Wednesday May 23rd 2:00pm CST – LinkedIn Boot Camp

LinkedIn guru Kathy Bernard will quickly and painlessly help you learn how to network like a pro, job search effectively and establish a powerful presence on LinkedIn … all in one fun and fast-paced hour.

In this fast paced FREE 60 minute webinar, you will discover:

• How to establish a basic and advance LinkedIn profile that will get results
• Networking tips and strategies that really work
• LinkedIn job search and small business promotion tools
• How to secure exceptional LinkedIn recommendations … and so much more!

Most importantly, you will learn how recruiters use LinkedIn to find qualified candidates and how to ensure that you show up in their search results when they go looking.

Thursday May 24th 11:30am CST – Re-THINK! The Brand Called “YOU”: Your Personal Branding Session

What if you were what every company wanted? What if you were the perfect brand?

It’s crucial when you interview for job to be able to distinguish yourself from every other candidate. Your part on the interview is to articulate why they should hire you. Who are they hiring? What is your character, track record, and reputation? What can they count on? Through a series of questions, they hope to get to know you.  Bottom line, they hope you are the one.

This is an area where many people struggle. We first must learn how to relate to ourselves in a positive way. We first must learn how to deal with all the negative thoughts that are present in our “mental chatter”, clouding our ability to see our full value.

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