New This Week at (7/23/12-7/27/12)

Upcoming Webinar Schedule for this Week at

Monday July 23rd 12:00pm CST – How to Get More Job Interviews

Part 3 of a 4 part series
LIVE webinar will start at 12pm Central
10am Pacific / 11am Mountain / 1pm Eastern

Need more job interviews? Of course, but the old tactics don’t work anymore. You need job search tactics that will get you more interviews.

Learning how to get job interviews is crucial to your financial survival and to your long-term career success. Face facts: no interviews, no job offers.

You can get more interviews than you ever thought possible and you can start today. Register for How To Get More Job Interviews today, and you’ll QUADRUPLE your interviews.

Tuesday July 24th 11:30am CST – Finding Your Passion, Purpose and Power in Career Transition…

One of the great discoveries you make in life is the answer to the question, “Who am I?”  One of the deepest needs of human existence is to know that our lives count for something; that our gifts and talents are being used to make a difference. Since work is so much a part of our lives, we want it to be meaningful.

Are you eager to live the life you deserve yet just don’t know where to start? Do you want to feel passion for life and use it towards your life purpose?

Wednesday July 25th 2:00pm CST – Salary Negotiating to Land the Job at the Pay You Want

This powerful, new salary negotiation webinar will cover …
•How to negotiate for the highest salary possible
•Planning for the salary negotiation conversation
•How to ask for enhanced benefits and other perks
•How to complete mandatory salary request boxes on online application forms
•How to conduct research about salary ranges for the positions you want
•How to negotiate raises and severance packages and much more

The webinar will also include exercise sheets so you can plan your salary negotiation responses.

You CAN learn to negotiate for what you want! Learn how in this informative free webinar led by Kathy Bernard.

To Register for any of the Upcoming Webinars Click Here

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