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Tuesday August 14th 11:30am CST – Creating a Powerful Foundation and Plan for Your Job Search

How to Create a Blueprint for Your Job Search?

IBeing on a job search can sometimes seem like an endurance contest. For many people it seems too hard right from the beginning and they stop taking actions necessary to forge ahead on their search.  Others last a little longer and they too mentally give up. Frustrated and doubting that they’ll ever get another job.

I know a lot about overcoming obstacles, breaking through uncertainty, accelerating performance and claiming your own success. And I know one thing for sure; life will not go according to plan if you do not have a plan.

Overcoming indecision, fear and obstacles means you must have a plan and a solid foundation. Within your plan will be a series of goals which absolutely must be met. And only by meeting your goals will your plan succeed. But when life doesn’t go as planned, it’s difficult to work up the motivation needed to follow through. You feel uncertain, scared, overwhelmed, and unmotivated. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Wednesday August 15th 2:00pm CSTMastering Interviews and Informational Interviews

Do you often feel under-prepared and overwhelmed by job interviews? In this powerful new webinar, you will learn exactly how to get ready for and excel during every type of interview!

In just 60 minutes, you will …

· Learn how to set up and maximize informational and referral interviews so that you can gain knowledge and many more job leads.
· Best practices for handling phone and Skype interviews
· Discover what to do before, during and after interviews to improve your chances of getting a call back
· Learn how to respond to difficult interview questions and tricky salary negotiation situations.

Make the most of your interviews! Join Kathy Bernard of for this informative webinar and learn to master your interviewing opportunities!

Thursday August 16th 7:00pm CST – Franchisor Spotlight: Executive Model, Highly Sought Services Business

This FranNet Franchisor Spotlight features an executive model business specializing in the $219 billion, highly sought after consumer services and repairs industry.  The business model drives profitability by using a combination of specialized employees/contractors allowing the business owner to focus on managing and growing the business.

The franchisor provides a centralized, dedicated scheduling center for the owner eliminating the need for an office manager.  A successful owner in this business will be a good networker who’s willing to get out in the community and develop referral sources.  The owner should be outgoing, personable and a good leader.  The coachable owner will also be good with handling employees and their recruitment, retention and motivation.

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