I Lost My Job, Not My Vote

It is about the economy.

When people are unemployed, broke, and uncertain about their futures, it creates huge problems. When we are angry and stressed and strapped for resources, our differences appear larger than they really are. In countries with 30% or 50% or more unemployment, there are more terrorists and crime. What else will they do?

Creating jobs means giving people ways to have a healthy family, quality of life, and be a positive part of their community. We live in a world where technology is replacing old ways of doing things. That’s just the way it is. It will eventually affect everyone’s job if it hasn’t already.

If you like buying cheap products, then YOU are responsible for outsourced jobs. 

But, that’s OK. Because America is a place where new ideas are born all the time, and if we can motivate people and businesses properly, we can spawn a new wave of innovation like no other country on the planet can.

The U.S. is a place of excellent products and services, where everyone who is willing to work hard and be valuable will find her or his spot. The key: Be willing to change, adapt and improve yourself.

Thank you for voting your conscience and selecting good people for our public offices!

What would you tell our elected officials and politicians about jobs?
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