Are you doing “All You Can” in your job search?

Here is what many job seekers know they should do:

  1. Create a good, modern targeted resume (in a few different versions)
  2. Browse the web, join groups & networks, ask questions, get feedback
  3. Find potential employers and target jobs that match qualifications
  4. Apply online, apply online, apply online.

The Number One most difficult part of the job search seems to be not knowing what is and isn’t working.

As job seekers, we’d love to know what is working with our resume, networking, or interviewing, so that we can do more of it (and less of the stuff that doesn’t work).

The online application process so often seems like a black bit of despair: No person to contact directly, no way to get an up-to-date status, no sense of being either at the front of the pack or buried in the waste bin.

The most powerful job search strategy is to keep at it, to keep increasing your chances of success until it comes. This means making smart decisions and having a plan, using time wisely, and then summoning the energy to do something every day that moves the job search forward.

Job Search is about incremental progress, and the ability — maybe on a Friday or Saturday — to look back on the week and say, “Well, I don’t have a job yet. But I have accomplished X, Y, and Z. Next week, I’m starting in a better spot, and this weekend I’m going to take a mental break!

There are also ways to go ABOVE and BEYOND in a job search. Do more than the basic things. Reach a bit higher, endure a bit longer. Stand out from the crowd. Try to regain control of your own destiny. Increase your chance of success. After a job seeker has command of the basics (the first four things listed in the article), it’s all about sticking to it and finding ways to increase your chance of success.

Our webinar calendar and broadcast center (aka “Job Transition TV“) is all about ways for us to help people run an “elite” job search for themselves, by hearing about great ideas from experts and powerful ways to put them into action.


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