The World Will NOT End And Neither Will Your Job Transition

The Mayan Calendar Will Reset & Continue After 12/21
You will still need a job on 12/22

James Beal, CEO

EXTRA! EXTRA! We live in a world full of distractions.  

Don’t take your eye off the prize: Your Career, Your Life

People in the media do not care if you get a job. They do care if you watch/read the news and see messages from their sponsors. There are fantastic stories — some based on fact, many based on opinion and fiction — that are designed to get us to care about things that often do not matter.

Do not waste your time with worry
(especially about things out of your control!).

Do the right thing: Stay focused on your life, your family, your community! The strength of our country comes from the bottom up — people managing their lives, neighborhoods, cities, counties, states — not from the top down. The best is yet to come! Good luck in your job transitions and onward to a prosperous 2013!

Monday webcast — live event — Monday job transition pep talk: Job Search Confidence. Click for more info or to Register.

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