Beating Stress

The feeling of stress is one way our bodies let us know when we are dealing with important things. When stress levels go up, it might mean we have a serious situation in our life. Whether it is about real or imagined stuff, we as people are able to stress out and a lot of times no real good comes out of it.

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Use a Mirror to Practice for an Interview
Can you see when you’re overly stressed?

When we feel stress in reasonable amounts, it might help us be focused or motivated to solve our problems. Major stress can put us into such an upset state, however, that it can actually affect our health. High stress has been linked to increased sickness and hospital visits.

In job transition, with much of our worlds upside down and little or no money coming in, it’s common for our stress levels to skyrocket. Stress that is too high might stop being helpful for us, as far as being a motivator, and in fact it can become harmful.

A key part of job search advice we give people is to find a way to feel confident, know you are on the right track, and keep your stress levels down. Feeling strong at the things we do is one way to lower our stress. With some practice, keeping stress in check is something a job seeker can learn — what a great lesson even after the job transition is over!

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