Do you know what you want? I’m not sure I do.

Recently, a friend of mine — who is also a career coach — told me to visualize the success I want to achieve. In this case, the success was financial.

She said, “Imagine yourself making $100,000… The first part of reaching your goal is  picturing yourself already there.”

In my job search, I keep thinking that I could do anything (or at least a wide variety of things). When I search job boards for job openings, I see all kinds of opportunity, but it seems like the online application process is a waste of time. The feeling of being herded along with masses of other job seekers leaves me uninspired, not focused. I crave inspiration. I want better leads to follow.

Focus in job search is important, and I’m looking for it. One technique I’ve heard is to picture myself 30 or 60 days into a new job: What would I be doing? What would I have achieved?

Hmm… that actually helps — using my imagination to picture a specific kind of future, with responsibilities and tasks and priorities and goals. Something to work for!


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