Stressing About Job Transition & Impressing Hiring Companies

Our two live (and free) job transition webinars this week complement each other nicely. If you have time to listen in, or if you’d like to receive a link to the recordings afterward, all you have to do is register.

question_markMost job seekers want their job search to end — quickly. However, there may be a challenge:  Job search progress can be hard to see, the phone may not be ringing, and posting online applications or networking may seem to be going nowhere. Luckily, there are two proven solutions to a job search that seems stuck or uninspired:

1. research & preparation
2. thriving through transition & change

On Wednesday, we’re presenting How to Research & Impress Hiring Companies with Kathy Bernard. Kathy provides easy-to-follow steps and tips to make the most of opportunities we have to shine, open doors, and persuade the right people that we’re the right person to bring into their company.

On Thursday, Donna Fedor presentsCoping With Change and Getting Back To Work Faster. The very, very last thing we job seekers can afford to do is let obstacles get us down or — even worse — invent obstacles or problems where none really exist. Do you think this doesn’t happen? It does, all the time, every day! And we do it to ourselves. Having an unbeatable mindset and powerful confidence helps make sure when the phone does ring, the opportunity is seized and maximized. Confidence keeps us motivated, moving forward, unstoppable.

If you haven’t checked out a webinar before, it’s easy. You register, then click a link to join, and you can watch and listen on your computer. Sit back and take it in, or feel free to chat and ask questions. What a great way to learn and spend 90 minutes. Thanks in advance for your time, and all the best!


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