Networking Tip: Look for People With Problems

After five years of reading articles about job search and career management, I can say it’s only every now and then that one pops up on my radar and really gets my attention.

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I’ll use the author’s words to summarize what I think is an outstanding attitude and job search strategy.

“…the morning of May 6, 1982…someone told me there is no shortage of work, and when the money dries up, the work piles up. I had been unemployed for months, and he suggested that rather than look for jobs, I look for people with problems and try to figure out how to solve them…. Since that day in 1982 I have never had to look at a job ad to find a job. Instead, I go out of my way to find people with problems.”

What I find so interesting is the approach of taking action. In this case, as we’re building our job search network, it’s a reminder to think about the people we’re connecting with, who they are and what they need and not just can offer us.

A wise career thinker has reminded me several times that nobody really cares about our careers except us and maybe close family or friends. But, it’s up to US to take steps and do the things that will create our opportunities and make a difference in our lives.


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