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Tuesday April 29th 11am CST: Building Self Confidence For A Successful Job Search with Donna Fedor

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Lack of self-confidence is a problem that plagues more people and keeps them from moving forward on their job search and their dreams. From early on in our lives and through today, there may be things that contribute to your self-doubt and lack of self-confidence.

Self-confidence impacts your job search as well as your happiness in life. Here is an opportunity to get beyond the years of worry and concern about being “good enough”. This is about having the inner-strength to know what you want and to go after it confidently.

Join us for this Free Webinar and learn how the feeling of “not being enough” is an illusion that impacts millions of people


Wednesday April 30th 2:00pm CST: SHOW and TELL that You Are the Best Job Candidate with Kathy Bernard

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If a hiring company doesn’t know you and hasn’t seen your work, they don’t know why you are perfect for their position. You have to SHOW and TELL them why you are the best candidate for their job opening.

In this webinar, you will learn specifically how to …
SHOW hiring companies your unique abilities through samples, presentations and other creative means (including many breakthrough ideas submitted by job seekers and recent hires)

TELL them your qualifications through smart online application, resume and cover letter strategies; and by preparing influential people to tell your story on your behalf.

No matter what your field, you can stand out by learning to SHOW and TELL why you’re the best.


To See What’s coming up and Register for any of the Upcoming WebinarsClick Here

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