New This Week at (5/19/14-5/23/14)

3 New Webinar’s Scheduled for this Week at

Tuesday May 20th 11am CST: The Best Interview Strategy for Results with Donna Fedor

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I hear the excitement when people say, “I have an interview!” Everything it takes to get to this important point in the job search, all of the work and effort of finding your target, planning, knowing your unique value, networking, writing your resume, finding the ideal positions, sending your resume, following up….and now…. you have an interview!

Preparation takes time. You have to know what kind of research to do about the company and the role, and it takes practice so you are clear about what you want to cover in the interview. Bottom line, you must be mentally and physically ready if you want to do well in the interview.

An “interview strategy” is simply your “game plan” of what you’ll cover in the interview so that you are efficient in what you say during your time with the interviewer. Your game plan  includes the absolute best things you could share about yourself on the interview.


Wednesday May 21st 2:00pm CST: How to RESEARCH and IMPRESS Hiring Companies with Kathy Bernard

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Join Kathy Bernard for this free webinar to discover surprisingly easy and effective ways to learn useful information about hiring companies that you can use to impress them in your application materials and interviews.

In this fast paced FREE 60 minute webinar, you will discover:

• Whether a hiring company is thriving or dying
• What’s on the minds’ of its top executives
• What company recruiters expect you to know about their company
• How to reach the hiring manager
• What kind of people the company tends to hire
• Who you know who could influence your hiring
• The salary ranges for key positions
• How to learn about recent departures and the very latest job postings
• What current employees think about the place and lots, lots more!

Learn to wow hiring companies by telling them what they want to hear!


Wednesday May 21st 1:00pm CST: Buying a Franchise: All the Questions You Don’t Know to Ask

Webinar Registration:

Stop climbing the corporate ladder – and create one! For most people, starting a business is a once-in-a-lifetime event. FranNet makes it a once-for-a-lifetime event. It is essential to utilize the best available resources effectively and get it right the first time. FranNet uses an established, proprietary process to match a person’s talents and goals with the right franchise choice.

In fact, FranNet recently conducted a study on clients we’ve placed into business and found some amazing results. We found that:

– Over 91% of clients we place are still in business after two years!
– More than 85% of our clients are still open after five years!
– Nearly 15% of our clients are top performers in their franchise!
– Those are all “Best in Class” numbers for our industry!


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