New This Week at (6/02/14-6/06/14)

NEW  Webinars Added for June*** To See What’s coming up and Register for any of the Upcoming Webinars – Click Here

3 New Webinar’s Scheduled for this Week at

Tuesday June 3rd 11am CST: Re-THINK Your Job Search with Donna Fedor

Webinar Registration:

Starting with a great question:  What Can I Still Achieve in 2014?

Are you committed to “REACHING FOR EXCELLENCE” and POWERFULLY approaching 2014?

This webinar will be LIFE CHANGING AND EMPOWERING, offering you an opportunity to have huge breakthroughs in your thinking.

It will be 90 minutes filled will BRILLIANT insights that will support you to shift your mindset wherever you may have experienced being limited in the past!

This will be A WORLD CLASS presentation; I am committed that you do something positive for yourself…because YOU MATTER!

Let’s start with a commitment toward an improved future- NOW! 



Wednesday June 4th 2:00pm CST: Salary Negotiating To Land The Job with Kathy Bernard

Webinar Registration:

There is one time to negotiate salary and compensation, and that’s when you are accepting a job offer.

Nobody wants to work for less than they deserve, but a lot of us aren’t sure how to stick up for ourselves and make sure we’re getting the best deal a hiring company can offer.

This interesting, free webinar will cover:

• How to negotiate for the highest salary possible
• Planning for the salary negotiation conversation
• How to ask for enhanced benefits and other perks
• How to complete mandatory salary request boxes on online application forms
• How to conduct research about salary ranges for the positions you want
• How to negotiate raises and severance packages and much more

The webinar will also include exercise sheets so you can plan your salary negotiation responses.



Wednesday June 4th 7:00pm CST: Is Buying a Franchise Right for You?

Webinar Registration:

Stop climbing the corporate ladder – and create one! For most people, starting a business is a once-in-a-lifetime event. FranNet makes it a once-for-a-lifetime event. It is essential to utilize the best available resources effectively and get it right the first time. FranNet uses an established, proprietary process to match a person’s talents and goals with the right franchise choice.

In fact, FranNet recently conducted a study on clients we’ve placed into business and found some amazing results. We found that:

– Over 91% of clients we place are still in business after two years!
– More than 85% of our clients are still open after five years!
– Nearly 15% of our clients are top performers in their franchise!
– Those are all “Best in Class” numbers for our industry!


To See What’s coming up and Register for any of the Upcoming Webinars – Click Here

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