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Tuesday July 15th 2:00pm CST: Creating a Powerful Foundation and Plan with Donna Fedor

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How to Create a Blueprint for Your Job Search

Being on a job search can sometimes seem like an endurance contest. For many people it seems too hard right from the beginning, and they stop taking actions necessary to forge ahead on their search.  Others last a little longer and they too mentally give up, frustrated and doubting that they’ll ever get another job.

I know a lot about overcoming obstacles, breaking through uncertainty, accelerating performance and claiming your own success. And I know one thing for sure; life will not go according to plan if you do not have a plan.

Overcoming indecision, fear and obstacles means you must have a plan and a solid foundation. Within your plan will be a series of goals which absolutely must be met. And only by meeting your goals will your plan succeed. But when life doesn’t go as planned, it’s difficult to work up the motivation needed to follow through. You feel uncertain, scared, overwhelmed, and unmotivated. It doesn’t have to be that way.


Wednesday July 16th 2:00pm CST: Transforming Your Resume with Kathy Bernard

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Ever wonder why your resume isn’t working for you? In this powerful new webinar, you will learn exactly what’s wrong in your resume and how to fix it so you can start getting real results when you apply for jobs.

In just 60 minutes, you will learn:

● What might be wrong in your resume that’s keeping you from the jobs you want
● Specifically how to fix weaknesses in your resume
● How to create a resume that can easily be pasted into online forms
● What kind of resumes recruiters strongly prefer
● How to handle having the wrong or no degree
● Ways to impress recipients with your list of references
● How to show that you are uniquely qualified for the jobs you want
● Multiple ways to “de-age” your resume and much, much more


Wednesday July 16th 7:00pm CST: Franchisor Spotlight: Keep Your Job, Own a Business. Absentee Ownership Opportunity

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Let’s be honest.  Walking away from a job with benefits and regular pay doesn’t seem like the greatest idea right now with the economy the way it is.  But think about this ideal situation: keep your current job while you start a business on the side.  Or maybe you’re retired or out of work and are looking for income immediately.  That’s exactly the kind of business this FranNet Franchisor spotlight features.

The featured franchise comes from one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. This is a great opportunity to join the second largest concept in its industry where you’ll find a business that has seen rapid revenue growth at more than 20% in franchises open more than a year.  Repeat and referral business will drive your growth, and residual revenue will bring cash flow at the beginning of each month.

Typically, the business will have between 10-15 employees. The primary role of the owner is to implement the operating systems and business-building programs based on the franchisor-provided training and ongoing performance improvement support.  The ability to manage others and the desire to coach staff members is crucial.  Great people skills and sales ability set better operators apart.


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