New This Week at (10/20/14 – 10/24/14)

2 New Webinar’s Scheduled for this Week at

Tuesday October 21st 9:30am CST: Finding Your Passion, Purpose and Power in Career Transition…with Donna Fedor

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One of the great discoveries you make in life is the answer to the question, “Who am I?”  One of the deepest needs of human existence is to know that our lives count for something; that our gifts and talents are being used to make a difference. Since work is so much a part of our lives, we want it to be meaningful.

Are you eager to live the life you deserve yet just don’t know where to start? Do you want to feel passion for life and use it towards your life purpose?

It’s time to stop yearning for an extraordinary life, and start living your passion, purpose and power. Stop trying to survive your day to day life and learn to direct your steps with new energy and optimism as you head into the future “you” get to choose. Being in a career transition is a perfect time to explore what’s possible for you.


Wednesday October 22nd 2:00pm CST: Landing a Great Job After 40 with Kathy Bernard

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Finding a job is tough for anyone nowadays, but it’s particularly hard if you are 40 or older. Despite the difficulty, landing a great, well-paying job after 40 is possible … if you take steps to improve your odds.
In this free webinar led by Kathy Bernard, you’ll discover 50 ways to improve your chances of getting hired (and we’ll even send you all of the tips in an easy, printable format so you can get started implementing them right away).

In this fast paced FREE 60 minute webinar, you will discover how to:

• Position yourself as the solution to a company’s problems
• Play up your strengths and shore up your weaknesses
• Identify organizations that actively seek out seasoned workers
• Convince younger hiring managers that your experience is a plus and not a threat
• Demonstrate your passion, vitality and accomplishments in a way will impress hiring companies and much, much more!

You are NOT finished at 40+! Tune in to the Landing a Great Job after 40 webinar!



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