New This Week at (1/5/15 – 1/9/15)

Start this New Year Right!! 2 Great New Webinar’s Scheduled for this Week at

Tuesday January 6th 11am CST: Re-THINK! The Brand Called “YOU”: Your Personal Branding Session with Donna Fedor

Webinar Registration:

What if you were what every company wanted? What if you were the perfect brand?

It’s crucial when you interview for a job to be able to distinguish yourself from every other candidate. Your part in the interview is to articulate why they should hire you. Who are they hiring? What is your character, track record, and reputation? What can they count on? Through a series of questions, they hope to get to know you. Bottom line: they hope you are the one.

This is an area where many people struggle. We first must learn how to relate to ourselves in a positive way. We first must learn how to deal with all the negative thoughts that are present in our “mental chatter”, clouding our ability to see our full value.


Wednesday January 7th 2:00pm CST: How to RESEARCH and IMPRESS Hiring Companies with Kathy Bernard

Webinar Registration:

Join Kathy Bernard for this free webinar to discover surprisingly easy and effective ways to learn useful information about hiring companies that you can use to impress them in your application materials and interviews.

In this fast paced FREE 60 minute webinar, you will discover:

• Whether a hiring company is thriving or dying
• What’s on the minds’ of its top executives
• What company recruiters expect you to know about their company
• How to reach the hiring manager
• What kind of people the company tends to hire
• Who you know who could influence your hiring
• The salary ranges for key positions
• How to learn about recent departures and the very latest job postings
• What current employees think about the place and lots, lots more!

Learn to wow hiring companies by telling them what they want to hear!


To See What’s coming up and Register for any of the Upcoming Webinars – Click Here

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