Start the New Year with a Plan to Succeed

Job Transition in 2017

Jump into the new year with momentum in your job transition! Are you in the throes of applying to jobs? Do you need tips for excelling in interviews? Have you wondering if starting your own business is just the change you need? Check out our webinar resources below to help you succeed in your new year endeavors.

Upcoming Webinars at

ILMJ avitar

  • Job Search Mistakes Even Smart People Make with Expert Donna Fedor ♦ Tuesday January 10 ♦ 1pm Central Time ♦ FREE ♦ Registration/Info
  • Transforming Your Resume to Attract Employers with Expert Kathy Benard ♦ Wednesday January 11 ♦ 2pm Central Time ♦ FREE ♦ Registration/Info
  • Franchisor Spotlight: No Experience Necessary for This Booming Franchise with Experts from FranNet ♦ Wednesday January 18 ♦ 7pm Central Time ♦ FREE ♦ Registration/Info


“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. “~Zig Ziglar


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