Should You Return to School?


Do I Need a Degree or Not?

By The Resume Chick

You can’t be a doctor without a degree! If this is what you want to be then you most definitely need one. I’ve actually read a handful of articles saying that if they knew then what they know now then they would have gotten a degree much sooner. It’s true, you can get decent jobs (even really high paying jobs) when you get out of high school, but there are just some careers you can’t come by without a University or College education.

There’s a good reason why some professions require formal schooling. Think about it, you can’t hang a sign on your door that says Dentist if all your dental experience boils down to when you pulled your own tooth out as a kid using nothing but string and a doorknob. Lots of movies show court cases won by people representing themselves, but still lawyers who had formal schooling have a better shot at winning cases for you in real life situations.

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“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.”
Jonas Salk


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