Bigger is Not Always Better (When not to use Big Word on Your Resume…)

Bigger is Not Always Better (aka When Not to Use Big Words on Your Resume and Cover Letter)

By The Resume Chick

Brief, concise and easy to read. These are characteristics of resumes and cover letters that can never be overemphasized. Yet surprisingly, hundreds – maybe thousands – of resumes have been ruined when the resume owner (or writer) uses a profusion of polysyllabic terms, or what you simply call BIG words.

To succeed in today’s job market, job seekers must understand that a resume should be easy to read. There’s a time to show off your vocabulary skills, however, you have to let your resume do its job and land you that interview first.

You want your resume to get past the mail room and the clerk at the Human Resources desk without mishap. Otherwise, they will simply file it away – or throw it in the waste bin, never to make it to the desk of the all important person who actually does the interviewing and hiring.



Here are some of the most common examples of when big words can hurt your resume and impair your chances at getting an interview.

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