Dealing with Umemployment Depression

Written by Robert Shindell

You just lost your job and your world has literally crumbled down around you. What’s that smoldering over in the corner? Oh, just your dreams. Right next to the pile of rubble that used to be your retirement. Yeah, losing your job can certainly have an effect on the horizon of your life. But like the fire that ravages the forest, it’s important to remember that losing a job can sometimes be a good thing – clearing the brush away and promoting new growth.

Now, just tell yourself that ten – make it twenty – times…

One of the worst parts about losing a job, aside from the substantial loss of money, is that feeling of hopelessness, futility, and utter failure. In fact, losing a job is a lot like getting a divorce. The only difference is that, after a divorce, your therapist will tell you to wait a month for every year you were married before you start dating. When you lose a job, you’ve got to hit that pavement right away and look for a new job (there are bills to pay). But there are ways of combating feelings of depression and defeat; there are ways to lift yourself back up again. Because, just as the rank smell of desperation can send potential dates scampering away, it’ll certainly do you no favors in the interview room.

*** Job Seeker Tip: Read how one job-seeker survived his unemployment ***

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“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” ~Aristotle


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