7 Skills Job Seekers Must Master

Master These 7 Skills: 

Power of Thought — Learn how your thoughts or beliefs help or hijack your job search. Take hold of your job mind set. Make your thoughts work for you, not against you! (free webinar)

Dress for Success
– Your interview is sunk if your cloths are shabby or mismatched. First impressions are everything.

Live Networking – Use live networking to make important connections & get you into the hidden job market.

Social Media – Use Social Media effectively in your job search. This works on your behalf while you sleep. (Article)

Resumes, Cover & Thank you letters – Learn how to craft a resume that stands out from the crowd, gets you notices and gets you an interview. (Free Cover Letter EbookArticle)

How to ace the Interview
– Ace the Interview. Discover how to outshine the competition & get the hiring manager to want you above all others. (Free Ebook, Article, Free Webinar)

How to Negotiate the job offer
– Negotiate the job offer. Don’t leave thousands of $$$ on the table, when learning this skill will get you more. (Free Webinar)


Upcoming Webinars at

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  • Stop Applying for Jobs — Get Hired Instantly with Expert Peggy McKee ♦ Tuesday May 30 ♦ 12pm Central Time ♦ FREE ♦ Registration/Info
  • Passing Pre-Employment Assessment Tests with Expert Kathy Bernard ♦ Wednesday May 31 ♦ 2pm Central Time ♦ FREE ♦ Registration/Info
  • Create a Blueprint for Success in Your Job Search with Expert Donna Fedor ♦ Tuesday June 6 ♦ 1pm Central Time ♦ FREE ♦ Registration/Info


“Things done well and with a care, exempt themselves from fear.”

William Shakespeare


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