Could you get a job without an interview?

Well… What do you think?

Could you land a job without an interview?

Interviews are important don’t get me wrong.  They are the first step for 95% of job seekers.  But also for 99% of the people in the interview, it’s the end.  This of course isn’t true for companies interviewing for multiple positions but generally each interview session is simply for one position.


Regardless, can you get a job with an interview? Why wait for someone to pick you? You can get a job without an interview.

Of course it’s all about method.  There is no magic formula to land a job, it’s all about your openness to try new things.

To get started if you’re targeting jobs and want to get a job without an interview try this:

  1. Clip a news story about the company that interests your professional area of expertise.
  2. Write up a proposal from your professional expertise and find out who the manager who is in charge of that project or division.
  3. Once you’ve done that, find out who is the boss of the project manager or division chief then send the proposal and clipping to 2 levels of management above the department head along with the department head.

This will give you a chance to expand your visibly & feel the rush of working again.  You don’t want to be out of work and doing this will give you an opportunity to connect with the corporate decision makers.


It’s about showing off who you are to a company.  Use all your connections to find these people.  If you want to find people in the companies you will need to use and do an advanced search.

What would you do to get a job without an interview? What is your method? Do you want to wait for the interview or do you want to get a job without one?

If you’re interested in finding other ways to land interviews without going crazy feel free to check out our article:

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  1. I have need a job which is related to electronics and instrumentation engineer.

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  3. hai,I have to need a job urgently.I am feared giving interviews.son please try to help me from this problem.but I am hatdworker and from anything easy to grasp.

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