Never Have Interview Butterflies Again!

For many of us an interview can seem scary, frightening and makes us sweat while even thinking about it. Despite “butterflies” in our stomach it is perfectly natural to feel this way when we meet a challenge. Not only is it natural but these feelings are helpful for us when we’re in the interview. But you’re wondering, why shouldn’t you be scared?

You are already a Success!

Being invited to an interview means you’ve passed the first test: your application must have made a good impression with your future employer. Employers will only interview people who seem to be able to do the job. Did you know only about 10% of applicants are selected for an interview? So if you have an interview, you have a very realistic chance of landing the job! Now it’s time to prepare. The interview success is dependent upon your preparation.


Before the interview, make sure to find out as much as you can about the company. This will improve your self-confidence when you are asked any company questions or hear any company jargon. For example, if you’re asked who the clients are; the type of organization they are & what your potential job will involve. It will help you mounds if you’ve done the proper research.

While in the interview, your potential employer will be focusing on your ability to match the job requirements. Specifically matching your personal qualities, communication skills & motivation. Enthusiasm matters but being dull might be a plus for an accountant. Your potential employer will already have an indication of these from your application to the organization but now the interviewer will assess you in person.

Remember, words are only 9% of communication so it’s always important to get correct body language, maintain eye contact and smile every now and again.

To help you through your interview here are few useful hints and tips:

  • Enter the room confidently and when introducing yourself shake hands firmly
  • Be positive, friendly and enthusiastic
  • Always be polite, and try to maintain
  • Do not lose interest and ask questions as well as answering clearly and concisely
  • Answer questions as fully as you can, avoid just saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’
  • Provide examples to prove your skills and achievements
  • Always tell the truth
  • Ask if you don’t understand a question
  • Sell yourself – get your good points across

End Well

When ending the interview it’s important to leave the interviewers with a good impression of you. No matter how bad you think the interview was, always act as if it was a great interview. Thank the interviewer for their time & make sure to say goodbye to everyone. Always shake hands, look at people & leave being perceived as positive.

Never get to caught up in the outcome of the interview. Interview skills are difficult to grasp at first but the more you practice the easier they become. If you don’t land the job it isn’t uncommon or to call for some feedback. It will help you in the next interview.

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