Waiting to Exhale

Waiting to hear back from a recruiter or a call back from an HR manager can be excruciating, often feeling like years.  Instead of feeling like your waiting for the candy to fall out of a pinata waiting for a callback can feel like waiting for the nurse to give you a shot. Even though the outcome will be over in a few painless seconds the anticipation can kill you. Added stress in your job search, is not what you need. Be prepared to deal with the stress of waiting for a callback. 

What Can You do to Deal with the Stress of Waiting? 

  1. Take a Walk: Going for a walk can be therapeutic & calm more than just your nerves. Walking can calm your soul.
  2. Talk About the Stress: Go out to dinner, or catch up at a coffee shop. Talk to friends or family about your feelings instead of bottling it up.
  3. Get Creative: Journal, paint a picture, play an instrument. Find ways to relax doing things you love, especially if it involves creativity.
  4. Leave for a Small Vacation: Take a trip fishing or to a spa for the day. Stepping away from the norm can distract you and help you not to over focus on the possible results you’re waiting for.

If nothing you try helps you unwind speaking with a professional is another great option. Your peace of mind is more important that the perfect career. Take care of yourself!


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“What a [person] can be, they must be. This need we call self-actualization.”

Abraham Maslow

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