Can You Job Search During the Holidays?

If you’re out of a 9-5 or just looking to make change, don’t let the holiday season stop your job search. Here’s what you need to know:

1.Companies are Hiring: It is a busy time of year. Some companies are winding down, but many others are busier than ever during the end of the year. Regardless, they may have had normal staff turn over and have an opening that they need YOU to fill.

2. Have a Networking Hay-Day: Hello holiday parties! This is the best time of year to have your “elevator speech” game strong. Have your business card on you at every gathering, make an effort to meet new people, and when they ask “What about you? What’s your job,” share that you are in the market for a job. Word of mouth can do you huge favors, opening doors that an online application certainly cannot.  Who knew savoring pumpkin pie and sipping egg nog could count as job searching? Get out there and be social, feast it up this year!

3. Job Searchers are Taking Time off: Your competition is checking out, whether they are busy filling responsibilities with their current job, loosing steam in their job search, or just want to take a break for the holidays. Applicants are dwindling during this time of year, but companies are still hiring (see point one). This means you, my friend, have a step up. You have decided to take your job search serious this November and December, you have made a plan, you are networking at parties, and you will be one of the few applicants a business has to consider. Low competition will play in your favor!

Not only is this a great time of year to job search, you can make significant strides toward landing a job in the career you want with some effort this season.

Happy Holidays to you,

from your friends at I Lost My Job 


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