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One Question You Need to Ask (at an Interview)

Get the Job on the Spot

Increase your chances of being hired at an interview by learning this simple question you can ask.


7 Skills Job Seekers Must Master

Master These 7 Skills:

Power of Thought — Learn how your thoughts or beliefs help or hijack your job search. Take hold of your job mind set. Make your thoughts work for you, not against you! (free webinar)


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The Killer Question: Interviewing

Sometimes, the simplest question can be the most difficult. How many times have you been asked the following question?

“So, tell me a little about yourself.”

I’ve always been an advocate of getting the most difficult things out of the way first. So to help you prepare for job interview questions, I feel compelled to deal with this, the absolute favorite question of all interviewers (okay, so it’s not really a question!) and the least favorite of most candidates.


Dealing with Umemployment Depression

You just lost your job and your world has literally crumbled down around you. What’s that smoldering over in the corner? Oh, just your dreams. Right next to the pile of rubble that used to be your retirement. Yeah, losing your job can certainly have an effect on the horizon of your life. But like the fire that ravages the forest, it’s important to remember that losing a job can sometimes be a good thing – clearing the brush away and promoting new growth.

Now, just tell yourself that ten – make it twenty – times…