Weekly Wrap Up February 26th 2010 & Free Giveaway Announcement

February 26, 2010

Mary Elizabeth Bradford5 Ways to Get you and your Job Search out of a Slump…Fast!!

Our Career Doctor Blog has a new blog post & a few videos for you check out and comment alongside.  Check him out over at the CareerDoctor Blog.  Keep reading to see the giveaway…

Career Doctor, Robert Shindell has a very informative article on taxes for anyone who has collected unemployment in 2009.  Check it out: Tax Tips for Those in Career Transition

Do you have a job search question? On March 1st, 2010 you can ask out Career Doctor any job search question. Is there an interview prep question you have? Or maybe about taxes after a year of collecting unemployment…No matter what it is, our career experts can answer them for you.

A FREE winter hat giveaway is beginning in March 1st, 2010.  The first 5 people to ask a question, win a hat.  The only thing you need to do is ask a question…can you do that? Or do you know everything to do in your job search? If you have a question, Ask our career doctor, Robert Shindell – ASK!

Census Jobs 2010 & State Jobs for You

February 24, 2010

The census 2010 is spurring government jobs.  Have you seen the commercials?  The census is in a hiring frenzy. Accumulating citizens for a measurement of national proportions.  The largest opportunity is as a census counter.  For more information: Check out the census job offers here

The stimulus has opened up a little flood gate for many states to recieve funding for education, healthcare and IT education.  We have all the information in our Monday Podcast

If you’re interested in finding out more about www.iLostMyJob.com – Your Career Transition Resource – Click HERE

Take this chance to write a comment, did you check out these sites? What did you think?

Temp Work to Full Time Position: Can You Dig It?

February 23, 2010

Can you dig turning a temp job into a full-time job? If so, read this…

In today’s economy it’s easier to land a temp job than a full-time position.  Simply, employers are scared and don’t want to face layoffs.  They are tough on both sides of the table.  So temps have become the new thing to do in small business.  You could land a temp job or already have a temp job and might want to make it a little more regular.

Well do this:

  • Fix problems: If you’re a temp or hope to be one, when you’re working, do more than you’re job description.
  • Connect: Meet people, become part of the team, and show why you’re valuable to the company.
  • Work smarter: We are all lucky to work if we can so be smarter.  Do the highest ROI tasks. Don’t waste time.

These are some simple tips and if you’re interested in reading more about turning a temp position into a full time gig check out this blog post from Anita Bruzzese

For informative news here is www.ILostMyJob.com – Your Career Transition Resources – Tuesday Podcasts –

Weekly Wrap in Review

February 19, 2010

This week taxes have been on our mind because they are on your mind.  It’s right around the corner and taxes will be due soon.  We had an article written to help you.

Tax Tips for Those in Career Transition

We always hear stories of people on the verge of foreclosure and it breaks our heart everytime.  It’s hard to help but not be able to change the outcome of someone’s life.  So we wrote an article to help explain a short sale

How to Short Sell You’re House to Avoid Foreclosure

Interviews happen everyday and we wanted to be able to give you a quick guide if you’re outside the interview wanting a little coaching, here ya go.

Ten Interview Rules & Tips for Any Job Seeker

We want everyone to have access to training when they need it.  In a changing world everyone needs new training, so we wrote an article about the US Department of Labor and their efforts to help train american’s out of work.

Training Assistance for Those in Career Transition

Tuesday Tips Podcast for 2/16/2010

In this week’s podcast:

1. Job News Analysis for 2/16/2010

2. About ILostMyJob.com: Clickable Map

3. From the Archive: Tuesday Tips Episode #003

4. Tuesday Tips Repeat: Your Questions Answered

5. BONUS VIDEO: Job Search Letters

Here is a the last link to my Monday Podcast

Motivation Monday Podcast from ILostMyJob.com

We have news to help everyone to know what a job seeker needs to know for the week ahead.

What do you think? Have your read these articles or watched these videos? What do you like, what do you not like? What should we do different?

A Decade of American Unemployment. Have you been affected?

February 15, 2010

This link to goes to an article about unemployment through the country for the past 10 years.  Have you been affected by this? What area are you from? How has unemployment affected you this decade?

American Unemployment for the Past Decade from Visual Economics

Sex & Job Loss

February 12, 2010

Warning: Please be aware that this article is about an adult topic. If you continue, you will read material intended for mature readers only.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have lost your job, and are in a family or relationship and are coping, then you probably already know about the Birds & the Bees and we hope this information is helpful and informative.

The loss of a job can have a very powerful impact on our emotions. We might experience feelings of depression due to the challenges ahead, anxiety due to the uncertainty about a new job, and ultimately, our sense of “self” might be shaken…

Click Here for the rest of ILostMyJob.com’s Sex & Job Loss Article

Tuesday News Podcast: Obama’s Workers, Texas Hiring & a Green MO

February 9, 2010

This edition of Tuesday News Podcast with Mark Lowe we hear news about President Obama’s moves to change workers classification, a Texas back to work program aimed at hiring from unemployment & how Missouri is going green.

You don’t want to miss the quick clip of the news.  Made bit size for your time strapped week.

Check it out:

Tuesday News Podcast with Mark Lowe from www.ILostMyJob.com