The World Will NOT End And Neither Will Your Job Transition

December 16, 2012

The Mayan Calendar Will Reset & Continue After 12/21
You will still need a job on 12/22

James Beal, CEO

EXTRA! EXTRA! We live in a world full of distractions.  

Don’t take your eye off the prize: Your Career, Your Life

People in the media do not care if you get a job. They do care if you watch/read the news and see messages from their sponsors. There are fantastic stories — some based on fact, many based on opinion and fiction — that are designed to get us to care about things that often do not matter.

Do not waste your time with worry
(especially about things out of your control!).

Do the right thing: Stay focused on your life, your family, your community! The strength of our country comes from the bottom up — people managing their lives, neighborhoods, cities, counties, states — not from the top down. The best is yet to come! Good luck in your job transitions and onward to a prosperous 2013!

Monday webcast — live event — Monday job transition pep talk: Job Search Confidence. Click for more info or to Register.

New Webinar Scheduled: Ways to land a job BESIDES applying online

November 5, 2012

Ever feel like you are sending your resume into a pit of no return when you apply for a job on an online site?

This free workshop can help you outmaneuver the online process by influencing the hiring decision through other means.

Click for Info / Registration details:

Do You Know What Employers Are Thinking? They Have Priorities Too…

September 21, 2010

Times are tough for a lot of employers nowadays… What does it mean for job seekers when companies are running “lean and mean” and stretching their dollars?

The September 13, 2010 edition of Businessweek magazine (p. 54) contains some research performed by the Boston Consulting Group, World Federation of People Management Associations. Their goal was to survey 5,500+ HR professionals and then summarize how companies are trying best to manage people.

Sometimes, to be hired, it is helpful to think like an employer.
LINK: What are the top interview questions you can expect?

Here is an overview of a few things this research says about how companies will try to manage people in the near future:

  • Improve the quality of company leaders
  • Keep, engage and develop talented employees
  • Measure and reward performance better
  • Worry less about employee’s work-life balance
  • Reduce company costs:
    => less overtime
    => reduce compensation
    => more part time and temporary workers

Additionally, the research says that there will be major talent shortages in the U.S. in the next decade. So, the time is now to plan for transitioning into a career that will be rewarding and in demand. LINK: Interested in Green Jobs?

Question: What needs would you help an employer fill?
LINK: How do you get recruiters’ attention?

Whether I agree with all these things or not, I see how they impact a company’s bottom line. Seeing things like an employer is a powerful job hunting activity. Ultimately, as employees, our job is to make our presence worthwhile and beneficial for the employer. Right?

How to tell if your potential boss is the lord of the underworld

Understand Yourself

If you are a results-based person who thrives on being valuable, and if you can communicate this during an interview, then you have a leg up on the competition.

If you are a reliable worker who is willing to work part-time, temporary, or take less compensation, then you are also more competitive.

No matter what, knowing as much as possible about the company before you apply can only help you thrive when the interview happens.

How to research a company?

Is the Census a Good Career Move for You?

April 19, 2010

Monday Podcast:

The US government is still beating the drum to hire people for the census.  It’s an obvious choice to target UI benefit recipients.  But is taking a job with the census your best career decision?

Think about it?

Census pays approx. $17 an hour.  Or $35,000 a year. So you’re pay after taxes is $510 a week or $1,020 every two weeks.

What if your unemployment is around $400 a week? Your previous job paid tons of money and your unemployment is the highest you can receive.

Well if you leave the job with the census & can’t find a job, your unemployment will be based upon your last position; the census…

Then suddenly your payment drops to $275 a week.  What do you do?

This is all hypothetical but it’s something to think about.  So if you’re looking at a job with the census, remember, it is only temporary and you need still look for a job.

Now what do you think?

If offered, would you take a job with the census?

If you do want a job with the census, you have to answer this question from an employer, “Why Should I Hire You?”  – For this answer click here: Answer Why Should I Hire You?

Interview tips for job seekers

Career Doctor Ask A Question Contest Starts Today!

March 15, 2010

Today marks the beginning of the Career Doctor Ask A Question Contest. The first 5 people to submit a question to the Career Doctor, Robert Shindell will be contacted for their mailing address to be sent a free winter hat.

Questions are encouraged about the online job search, job search organization, resume writing, interview preparation and more…

Take a moment and think about what question you would like to ask…Job Search anything is welcome


Census Jobs 2010 & State Jobs for You

February 24, 2010

The census 2010 is spurring government jobs.  Have you seen the commercials?  The census is in a hiring frenzy. Accumulating citizens for a measurement of national proportions.  The largest opportunity is as a census counter.  For more information: Check out the census job offers here

The stimulus has opened up a little flood gate for many states to recieve funding for education, healthcare and IT education.  We have all the information in our Monday Podcast

If you’re interested in finding out more about – Your Career Transition Resource – Click HERE

Take this chance to write a comment, did you check out these sites? What did you think?

Temp Work to Full Time Position: Can You Dig It?

February 23, 2010

Can you dig turning a temp job into a full-time job? If so, read this…

In today’s economy it’s easier to land a temp job than a full-time position.  Simply, employers are scared and don’t want to face layoffs.  They are tough on both sides of the table.  So temps have become the new thing to do in small business.  You could land a temp job or already have a temp job and might want to make it a little more regular.

Well do this:

  • Fix problems: If you’re a temp or hope to be one, when you’re working, do more than you’re job description.
  • Connect: Meet people, become part of the team, and show why you’re valuable to the company.
  • Work smarter: We are all lucky to work if we can so be smarter.  Do the highest ROI tasks. Don’t waste time.

These are some simple tips and if you’re interested in reading more about turning a temp position into a full time gig check out this blog post from Anita Bruzzese

For informative news here is – Your Career Transition Resources – Tuesday Podcasts –

Where are the jobs of the future?

February 22, 2010

Future job growth is a huge concern for any job seeker.  Knowing where jobs will be for the next 20 years can give you an opportunity to move cities or start transitioning over to a career in demand for the next 2 decades.  Well thanks to, we have an opportunity to peek a little into the future.

As you look below this map allows you to interact and see jobs for the future.  Have fun and enjoy the map, it’s nice to see, especially if your city is on the map.

(Ok, I couldn’t embed the map.)

Here is a link to the job growth predicted by – Where are the jobs of the future? – Monday’s Job Seeker Podcast Especially for You – Your Career Transition Resource

Sex & Job Loss

February 12, 2010

Warning: Please be aware that this article is about an adult topic. If you continue, you will read material intended for mature readers only.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have lost your job, and are in a family or relationship and are coping, then you probably already know about the Birds & the Bees and we hope this information is helpful and informative.

The loss of a job can have a very powerful impact on our emotions. We might experience feelings of depression due to the challenges ahead, anxiety due to the uncertainty about a new job, and ultimately, our sense of “self” might be shaken…

Click Here for the rest of’s Sex & Job Loss Article

New Job Search from Jill Konrath

November 18, 2009

How is the job search going for you? Most people answer that question with slumped shoulders, soft voice and defeated attitude…

At we don’t believe it has to be this way for anyone…

If you believe this, we at ILMJ would like to introduce you to Jill Konrath, a leading-edge sales strategist, business advisor & author of “Getting Back to Work Faster”

She has a strategy how to approach companies as a peer and not as a job seeker which places the power in your hands.

That’s something we all would love…An employer calling us for our ideas to improve the company or a CEO emailing us to schedule a project proposal meeting.

In her book she gives a detailed guide of how to take your job search from the regular abyss of job boards, classified ads & interviews into nearly a business-to-business relationship.

Are you interested in doing new things in the job search? If so, watch this video of Jill Konrath explaining how to personalize every contact…

In the coming weeks we will present a programs with our Career Doctor Robert Shindell &  Sales Expert, Author & Business strategist Jill Konrath to better explain her techniques…


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