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Have you found your dream job or are you discontent with where you are? Society thrives when we all find a satisfying work-fit. Don’t settle for second best! Whether you’re considering starting your own company or you just need some motivation in job search, we have the resources for you!


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Draw Attention with Your Resume

We all know the importance of a good resume. Often a resume is the first step to getting your foot in the door to a potential job. Whether you are job searching, transitioning out of college and into the career world, or just want to keep your resume fresh: learn from Career Expert Kathy Bernard on how to best impress potential employers. Learn to play up your strengths, avoid common resume pitfalls, handle lack of experience, and more!

Don’t Journey Job Transition Alone!

Don’t go the journey of job transition alone! We have resources and community to help you get to where you are going. Today, join Career Expert Donna Fedor as she discusses common mistakes we all make in our job search. Learn about: online resume submitting, effective networking, self-confidence, to use clarity, how to prepare for interviews, communicating your value and more!